Vivienne Vermes

Voice Overs

Vivienne’s voice is on numerous audio guides, corporate films, commercials and TV documentaries. She announces “Mind the gap” on the Paris metro and soothes passengers on international trains in emergencies. “If I hear my voice on a journey,” she says, “I tend to panic.”

Vivienne is a voice artist with more than twenty years’ experience. She has been the signature voice for Armani, and promoted Yves St Laurent, Dior, Chanel, Paco Rabane and Nina Ricci. She has dubbed Julie Christie, Carla Bruni, Cathérine Deneuve and Steffi Graf, as well as many film characters, including those in the documentary Human by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

You can hear her on audio guides, corporate films, TV documentaries, language programmes, e-learning methods and technical and medical films. Her clients include Unesco, the Musées du Louvre and Orsay, Cityrama, the Cité des Sciences, Eurostar, Thalys, and many more.


  1. Disneyland
    Bright, convincing
  2. Nestlé
    young, dynamic
  3. Yves St Laurent
    sensual, smooth
  4. L’Oréal
    warm, informative
  5. Palmolive
    friendly, sensual
  6. Eurosport
    dynamic, energetic
  7. Christian Dior
    femme fatale


  1. Chanel UCLR
    informative, upbeat
  2. Eco salons
    neutral, warm
  3. Angels of the Jungle
    interview voices: older woman, younger woman
  4. Cityrama
    audio guide, informative, welcoming
  5. Museum of Montmartre
    informative, clear
  6. Optics Aviation
    journalistic, narration
  7. Alsthom
    informative, convincing
  8. Skyteam, Air France KLM
    inviting, warm


  1. Mind the gap, and more. . .
    reassuring, clear, instructive
  2. Cartoon – children, animals, vegetables
    mad, funny, varied
  3. Characters, accents
    Cockney, snobbish, American, cultured
  4. Hold the line
    suave, reassuring, smooth
  5. E-learning: Cité des Sciences, market research and sales analysis
    clear, warm, dynamic, businesslike
  6. In French: Châteaux, e-learning
    descriptive, warm, pedagogical
  7. Audioguides: Leonardo, Chantilly, Monet
    warm, confident, informative


To listen to Vivienne is to understand everything, to feel everything, to remember everything. Captivated by her grace, intelligence, humour and depth, and by all the light and deep emotions she knows how to convey so well. . . the listener is suspended at her lips, asking for more.

Raphael Devillers, sound engineer, musician, composer.

Working with Vivienne is always a sheer pleasure. She brings a light, joyful presence to the recording studio with her sense of humour and fun, and her ability to understand and convey the nuances of every text with remarkable speed and accuracy never ceases to surprise. And then, of course, there’s that voice!

Studio des Impressionistes, Capitaine Fracasse